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Research Sector Projects Unit (RSPU) at Kuwait University is a scientific facility hosted by Faculty of Science and funded by Research Administration. RSPU is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated instruments from various scientific domains and provides full-fledged services to the research as well as academic community in and around Kuwait. Over the years the facility is being expanded by including more professional manpower and state-of the-art instruments. The existing equipments in the unit are also being continuously upgraded to ensure top-notch performance. The service from RSPU is free of charge to all researchers and graduate students within Kuwait University.

About RSPU

Research Sector Projects Unit (RSPU) is an amalgamation of several scientific laboratories that houses state-of-the-art analytical instruments meant for scientific research. It is an integral unit comprising several high end equipment in Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Biological Sciences Department. During the occupation of Kuwait in 1990, the Iraqis¬†universities and research establishments Read More…